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How To Choose Carpet

  • What are some common carpet types?
  • How important is colour in choosing carpet?
  • Is price an important factor in my decision?

Nothing influences the look and feel of a room like carpet. With multitudes of colours and styles available, any look can be achieved

Before checking out the varieties, think about how you use your home and what might affect your decision. How large is your family? Do you have small children? Do you have indoor pets? Are you carpeting a few rooms or the whole house?

Think about the colour options available for the room. If there are furnishings or window treatments, consider using a swatch from these items to choose a carpet colour to complement and highlight what is already in the room. Some carpet companies will also lend you samples to take home.

In addition to aesthetics, carpet colour can help with other aspects of the room. Dark colours can make a room look smaller, which is helpful when transforming a large room to a cozier space. Pastels and colour tints can help enlarge the look of an area and create a restful, soothing mood.

Colour also helps camouflage everyday wear and tear. Medium and dark colours show soil less than light colours.

The texture and appearance of each carpet is determined by the type of fibre, how the yarn is twisted and pile density. Some common types include:

  • Saxony - this carpet gives a smooth, soft, cut-pile surface. It works in traditional rooms and formal areas and is versatile in both performance and appearance.
  • Textures Saxony - this Saxony is very popular for families and is casual. Its textured surface helps hide footprints.
  • Velvets - this option is the ultimate in elegance. The fibres are fine and dense to create an ultra smooth, rich colour.
  • Frieze - with textured surface and knobby appearance, this choice is durable and long-wearing. It's great for high-traffic rooms.
  • Cut and loop - this is a distinctive carved appearance that helps hide stains. The cut and loops give a mix of surface levels that fit many room settings.
  • Multi-level loop - with several levels of loops, this carpet creates a unique pattern effect. It is casual and durable.
  • Level loop - this casual choice is made with loops that are at the same level. It's great for family rooms or basements.

Nothing influences the look and feel of a room like carpet.

It's important to know the size of the area you plan to carpet. This will help you to get an idea of the overall cost of the project and you will be able to budget better.

But don't make a decision based solely on price. Cheap carpet can be thin and flimsy.

Also, buy a good quality padding as it will absorb up to 90 percent of the impact of foot traffic, and the higher the investment will ensure a longer lasting, better quality carpet.